Meet the EHR Software Built for California Mental Health Agencies!

We're proud of our deep history in California. For 20 years, Exym's software has kept up with California county requirements and the unique needs of California providers.

Exym's dedicated team monitors CalAIM updates, meets with state and county representatives, and proactively implements changes to the software to ensure that customers are always compliant with the latest requirements. We also provide comprehensive training and support to help customers seamlessly transition when there are new regulations.

California's counties each have unique requirements and billing rates, and Exym's software is customized for most California counties to meet those needs.  Our software is designed to help your agency meet clinical and organizational objectives while saving time with configurable forms, workflows and reporting.

Why Exym? Learn How Exym Is Built for California Agencies

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More From Our California Customers...

“If you are contracted through Department of Mental Health, Exym is hands-down the best EHR to go with. They stay on top of the DMH and state regulations and are sure to be in compliance every step of the way. Exym also walks you through the implementation process and remains supportive not only through the implementation process but for your whole journey ahead. Exym is committed to developing a system and company culture that optimizes efficiency and ultimately client care. Exym really cares.” Kristine Santoro, Didi Hirsch
“Exym has been a reliable EHR for us with friendly customer service. We have appreciated the effort Exym has put into being at the forefront of innovation in the industry and helping to keep us informed and prepared for the everchanging world of health management.” David Palmer, Boys Republic
“Exym implementation was the simplest and least eventful (in a good way!) EHR migration out of the 8 or so I’ve been involved with. The Exym team was well-organized with very clear milestones and task assignments. Within the first weeks of implementation, clinical staff had a better understanding of Exym than they did of the EHR we’d used for the previous 3 years!” Winston Berger, A Better Way