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Exym's Software is Built for Riverside County Agencies!

We're proud of our deep history in California. For 20 years, Exym's software has kept up with California county requirements and the unique needs of California providers.

Exym has a dedicated team which monitors CalAIM updates, meets with state and county representatives, and proactively implements changes to the software to ensure that customers are always compliant with the latest requirements. We also provide comprehensive training and support to help customers seamlessly transition when there are new regulations.

Included for Riverside County agencies:

 California CANS-IP

 Age group assessments

 Treatment plans

 Billing report customized for easy entry into Avatar

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"Exym has been a reliable EHR for us with friendly customer service. We appreciate Exym being at the forefront of innovation in the industry and helping to keep us informed and prepared for the everchanging world of health management." David Palmer, Boys Republic
"Exym has been a huge support in assisting our agency to provide multiple programs and meet our outcomes and goals while utilizing one EHR. Exym's reliability and responsiveness gives us comfort and confidence to take on new projects knowing that our client data, documentation, and billing is timely and accurate." Jeff Farber, Helpline Youth Counseling
"Exym has helped provide better care for our clients by enabling quick access to client records, resulting in more efficient care. Exym provides us accurate and up to date information easily and quickly." Jennifer Lundahl, A Safe Refuge
"Exym is one of the market leaders for EHR's and they offer a solid platform built on the experience of former therapists and clinicians. Exym works very hard to listen, accommodate, and implement solutions that benefit their clients." Sheldon Brackett, Counseling4Kids
"If you are contracted through Department of Mental Health, Exym is hands-down the best EHR to go with. They stay on top of the DMH and state regulations and are sure to be in compliance every step of the way." Kristine Santoro, Didi Hirsch
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See How Exym's Behavioral Health EHR Software Is Built for California!

Exym is your key to:

 Simplified documentation, case management, and billing customized to your agency's needs

 Securely managing patient data, scheduling, notes, and activities

 Easily navigating changing state and federal regulations 

 Unparalleled support and reliability

 A smooth, HIPAA-compliant telehealth integration that can be accessed from any location

 Making data-driven treatment and agency decisions from reports found within Exym


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